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Erongo Auto Electric CC is the foremost supplier of light and heavy duty auto-electrical components and related services in Namibia.

The company is focused on sourcing OEM and specialised auto-electrical, replacement components for the light duty and 4 x 4 market as well as for operators of heavy-duty automotive, earth-moving, construction, agricultural, transport and mining machinery. In addition to sourcing, the company is committed to the development and innovation of auto-electrical products and services.

We operate in Namibia and additionally service clients from Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa whose fleets operate in Namibia.

The company has a global reach, importing quality products from South Africa and Germany.

Product Range

We boast a broad and deep auto-electrical product range.

 trysome hd  trysome ser  trysome batt
Air Conditioning
Alarm Systems
Alternators & Components
Automotive Solar Solutions
• Electronic Rust Proofing Systems
Engine Protection
• Forward Lighting
Safety Lighting
Starters & Components
Work Lights

Re-manufactured Starters and
Servicing & Maintenance

• Battery Chargers
Light and Heavy-Duty Conventional
• Batteries
Sealed Maintenance-Free Batteries

 trysome ld  trysome cas  powertools
Air Conditioning
Alarm Systems
Alternators & Components
Automotive Lighting
Automotive Solar Solutions
• Diodes  
• Electronic Rust Proofing Systems
• Relays
Starters & Components

Fatigue Monitoring Systems
GPS Traffic Awareness
Personnel & Asset Management
Radar Systems
Rear-Vision Cameras
• Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems
• Wheel Chocks
Angle Grinders
Chain Saws
Circular Saws
Drill Presses
Nail Guns
Power Planes
Table Saws
 off road    
• Fridges & Freezers
• Jacks
• Nudge Bars
• Roof Racks
• Winches

Supplier Profile

We have developed strong partnerships with world-renowned brands to bring to the market only the highest-quality products. These partnerships include Makita (National Service Agent); National Luna (National Distributor and Service Agent); Deltec (National Dealer); Aiptek (National Distributor); Ring Automotive (National Distributor) and Willard Batteries (Distributor).

Through its Distributor Agreement with Trysome Auto Electrical in South Africa, we bring, among others, the following global brands to the Namibian market: Delco Remy, the world’s largest manufacturer of starters, alternators and their components as well as Nordic Lights, manufacturer of a vast range of original equipment and after-market, work-light units used extensively in underground, construction and mining equipment.

The company's supplier relationships include the following brands:

Aiptek Delco Remy Deltec Makita National Luna Nordic ring Willard
Fire Trace