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Preview Plus

All-in-one safety system integrates vision with active blind spot detection
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Introducing the latest breakthrough in the PreView family of
active collision awareness safety systems, PreView Plus. This
new system integrates easily with the latest PreView Radar
family of sensors providing direct connection from the sensor
to the camera to the monitor. The end result is a singlesystem
solution for your active blind spot detection and visual
clari cation needs. The key features of this system include:

> A single point of focus for the driver by integrating detection indicators directly on to the monitor.
> Support for up to 4 cameras/views and 24 sensors for 360° blind spot coverage
> Monitors menu buttons, simplify the pairing of sensors with a camera
> A button to silence the audible alert on the monitor panel. This allows the driver to visually clarify that the object is not a threat and silence the alert so it won’t become an annoyance.
> Full screen mode when the vehicle is in reverse, showing only the rear camera view (regardless of any detections on other sensors).